Thank you so much for your interest in Grand Archive TCG! This article serves as a guide for stores on how to purchase official Grand Archive TCG products from authorized distributors in your country, and then foster a community with Official Event Support.

Stocking Grand Archive TCG

Below, you will find our list of official distributors per region.

Please be aware: you will need to purchase Grand Archive TCG products from official distributors to qualify for official event support. If you purchase products from anyone else outside of what is listed below for your country, you risk missing out on LGS exclusives such as Event Kits and Launch Kits.

Click to expand lists of distributors that will carry Grand Archive.

United States
PHD Games
Southern Hobby Distribution
YY Card World

Prince Distribution

ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH
Bliss Distribution

Let's Play Games

New Zealand
Geek Culture
Let's Play Games

AK Games

Taiwan/Hong Kong
Fayble Distribution

Grand Archive TCG Products

Below, you will find our official product sheets for each set of Grand Archive TCG.

Official Event Support

Official Event Kits (EVP)

Brick and mortar stores that purchase Grand Archive products from partnered distributors and continue to foster their communities through local events will receive Event Packs from Weebs of the Shore as a means to support their local communities.
Alchemical Revolution Event Packs

These Event Packs play a role that's entirely separate from our Omnidex organized play app. Their purpose is to encourage stores to run events and increase player participation. It is up to the store's discretion on how their packs are distributed at events, whether as a participation prize or a top placement prize.

Here are some extra notes on Event Packs:

  • Packs are highly sought after and contain cards from the current set plus high rarity foils
  • Each Event Pack contain a chance for an exclusive CSR card.
  • Event packs are provided directly by us (Weebs of the Shore) and we reserve the right to revoke event support in the event of inappropriate conduct
  • Stores are not allowed to sell/open Event Packs or Event Pack exclusive cards until 1 year after the ending season of that Event Pack. Please report misconduct to:

  • CSRs Exclusive to Alchemical Revolution Event Packs

    Official Launch Kits

    Stores that pre-order product for an upcoming set of Grand Archive TCG from an authorized distributor will receive a Launch Kit as part of their package.

    This kit includes launch promotional cards, a set of demo decks, a foil promotional poster, and a demo playmat. These kits should includes everything you need to host both launch events and beginner-friendly learn to play event, whether you are a seasoned or new Grand Archive TCG hosting store.

    Store Championships

    Stores who host regular events and foster a community of Grand Archive TCG players will be eligible to apply for a Store Championship during each expansion set's Store Championship & Regional window. These events are a part of our official Organized Play (OP) premier league and draw in a more competitive crowd.

    Weebs of the Shore will provide the store with a Store Championship playmat and a Nationals Invite Card for the current season as a prize for the top placing player.
    Nationals Qualifier Card (Based on Region) Sample

    Store Champion Playmat Sample

    Sign Up For Omnidex

    Omnidex is a one-stop-shop solution for both stores and players looking to get into Grand Archive TCG with no downloads required.

    Omnidex is the hallmark for stores wanting to become a part of Grand Archive TCG's organized play network and official store program. All that's required is for you to fill out a form that we will provide after the release of set 3. Once submitted, our organized play team will review it and reach back out with an official store sign-up link as a mark of your approval!

    As a store owner using Omnidex, the application will be your information hub when it comes to anything product and organized play related! You can expect to see some of the following key features of our application such as our robust tournament pairing software, online pre-signups for your events via our RSVP system, consolidation of important applications such as Event Kit requests and Store Championships, and lastly the addition of your store in our Official Store Locator!

    As Omnidex develops we will introduce more features for Stores and be closely monitoring user feedback and data that we receive from events. We hope to see you apply and join as a store on Omnidex as we at Weebs of the Shore progress our venture into organized play!

    Store Guidelines & Policies

    Below you will find our store guidelines and policies that you will need to know. Failure to comply with our policies put you at risk of losing your ability to receive continued Official Event Support from Weebs of the Shore.

    Contact Us

    Again, thank you so much for your interest in Grand Archive TCG! We look forward to building an amazing relationship with your store and community. If you have any questions or feedback and would like to reach out to us directly, feel free to email us at:

    Store Support:
    Organized Play:

    Or if you'd like to reach out to the development team directly, you may join our Official Discord Channel.