Worlds After Hours & Cosplay Contest

Tickets for Ascent Worlds 2024 go LIVE tomorrow! So here are the last bit of details before then.

December 2nd, 2023
Ascent Ontario 2024

All about Ascent Ontario, taking place on February 2024 in Ontario, California!

November 27th, 2023
Ascent Worlds Ticket Packages & Location

We're excited to announce that Grand Archive TCG's first Ascent Worlds and World Championships will be held at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV. Here's the first look at the ticket packages for the event.

November 25th, 2023
Nationals Season Reveal

Breakdown of the three Grand Archive TCG Nationals hosted in NA, Oceania, and SEA regions.

November 18th, 2023
Set 4 World Premiere, Broadcast, & Path of Silver

Each update keeps getting better and for this week, we're announcing our open tryouts for commentators, and are announcing the Set 4 Launch Event!

November 17th, 2023
Worlds Update: Worlds Ascent Team Standard Format

3 VS 3 Team Standard Format At Grand Archive TCG Worlds Ascent In Las Vegas!

November 10th, 2023
Dev Update #1: State of the Business & Grand Archive TCG Future Plans

A glimpse into Grand Archive TCG's 2024 business goals.

November 7th, 2023
Ban & Restricted Update — November 6th, 2023

B&R Update for November 6th, 2023.

November 7th, 2023
Fractured Crown Store Championship List

Grand Archive TCG - Fractured Crown Season. Find a store championship near you!

October 29th, 2023
Alchemical Revolution Set Design Notes Pt.1 — New Classes

A look into the three new classes releasing in ALC!

October 19th, 2023
Ban & Restricted Update — October 16th, 2023

Banlist Update for October 16th, 2023

October 16th, 2023
Proxia's Vault

Learn about the special rules and regulation regarding Proxia's Vault cards.

October 15th, 2023