Update to this policy - January 13th, 2024
  • Updated policy regarding Alchemical Revolution and future release products.

  • Update to this policy - August 30th, 2023
  • Updated policy regarding Fractured Crown products.

  • In order to ensure fairness in the market during pre-order periods among stores ordering from various distributors, we have a MAP (minimum advertised price) policy in place for Grand Archive TCG booster boxes, including Dawn of Ashes Alter Edition and Fractured Crown.

    The Policy

  • The lowest that a store can list a Dawn of Ashes Alter Edition booster box for is $86.39USD.
  • The lowest that a store can list a Fractured Crown booster box sealed case for is $1,133.87USD. There is no minimum pricing set for individual Fractured Crown booster boxes.
  • For Alchemical Revolution products and any product releases after, check the product sheet for the minimum advertise price.
  • Stores may not list a booster box case of Dawn of Ashes Alter Edition for lower than 80% of the MSRP of six booster boxes. This applies to pre-order sales as well.
  • This policy is effective in all countries where MAP policies may be enforced. The MAP is the equivalent local currency as listed above.
  • This policy has no effect on Dawn of Ashes Starter Decks.
  • This policy lasts until one month after the official release date of any applicable product.
  • This policy has no effect on future Grand Archive products.

  • We’re constantly evaluating and taking in feedback on our policy to ensure the health and stability of our products.

    Breach of Policy

    If a store is found to be selling items below MAP, we will first attempt to make contact with the store and kindly ask to have them adjust their prices. Refusal to do so after the matter may result in having that store blacklisted, preventing them from buying future Grand Archive products from their distributors.

    To report a store selling products below MAP, please email support@weebsoftheshore.com.