You’ve asked for them, and now here they are! We are announcing new promotional cards for the upcoming season and events, starting with our new Merch Store promotional card, Clumsy Apprentice!

DOA & P22 Version

You will be able to find Clumsy Apprentice promotional packs at our upcoming event, Anime Frontier! These promotional packs will be replacing the previous Dungeon Guide packs we have been including with merch sales. Like our previous promotional cards, Clumsy Apprentice will be an extended art card with both foil and non-foil versions. Aside from merch purchases, these promotional packs can also be obtain through other events and giveaways as well.

In addition, we will have a new winter promotional card for our winter season. Say hello to Kingdom Informant!

DOA & P22 Version

In line with our previous promotional cards, Kingdom Informant will be an extended art card with both foil and non-foil versions, available mainly at our winter events, starting with Anime Frontier in Dallas. Foil versions of this card will be given out during discord community events during the Winter season as well!

Now, if that wasn't enough, we're tickled to also showcase our Discord promotional card, Sink into Oblivion! Keep an eye out on our Discord to find out ways to win this alternate full art promotional card, both in foil and non-foil versions. Unlike the previous two promotional cards mentioned, the Sink into Oblivion promotional card will be given out through a longer period of time, likely throughout the entirety of 2023.

DOA & P22 Version

Lastly, we are announcing an Ambassador promotional card! This promotional card will only come in foil with an overframe art style and gold stamp artist signature. This will be awarded to hand-selected individuals that have been true champions of the Grand Archive and paragons of the community. These will be given out starting December 2022, and we will stop distributing them at the end of 2023.

P22 Ambassador Card

This promotional card will be the first Collector Rare that will be released in the wild. It will be a great piece for ambassadors of Grand Archive to show around and get people excited for the game!

That's all for now! Happy collecting!