Hello everyone! Today, we finally announce the publication of our Tournament Rules and Regulations document! This document offers guidelines and recommendations on protocols related to Organized Play. This document should be used in conjunction with the Comprehensive Rules during a tournament to ensure that tournaments proceed smoothly. Another focus of this document is to ensure fair and respectful environments in a tournament setting. It will highlight the roles and responsibilities of all tournament participants, including officials.

Regarding judging, while there is not yet an official judge program for Grand Archive, we recommend that tournament organizers establish appointed judges for all organized play. Appointed judges should be members of the community that are well-acquainted with the Comprehensive Rules, present good interpersonal skills with players in the community, and can uphold good ethics in any actions taken as a judge, ensuring fair and respectful treatment between players and tournament officials.

For rules infractions, we plan to publish another document that will, in detail, describe the proper procedures for tournament officials to take during any violations of the tournament policies and guidelines in place. Until then, judges and officials may deal with violations as they see fit, provided that this is done in a fair manner.

At this point in time, we have an exciting program currently in development: The Omnidex. This tool serves players and tournament organizers to simplify the process of organized play and be the centerpiece for events, tournaments, and rankings for every Grand Archive player. While The Omnidex is not yet out, we encourage tournament organizers to use other free 3rd party software to run tournaments, make pairings, and calculate standings. At the time the program is released, the Tournament Rules and Regulations document will be updated and a corresponding announcement will be made.