Grand Archive's first retail release, Dawn of Ashes Alter Edition, was a great success!

Next, we’re looking to expand our efforts in Organized Play and Premier level events. We are making a step to achieve this by creating Supporter Pack 1.

What is Supporter Pack 1?

Supporter Pack 1 (SP1) is a collector focused set that consists of extended and alternative art cards originating from Dawn of Ashes.

The sales of SP1 will directly fund efforts in our Organized Play programs and Premier level events. This includes more LGS support, more promotional cards, and increased cash prize pools.

This product will be primarily sold at official Grand Archive events, as well as some events hosted by our partners.

Product Information

  • Each pack contains 3 cards: 2 uncommon cards, and 1 rare (or higher) card.
  • Each box of Supporter Pack 1 consists of 8 packs.
  • Rarity Distribution (21 card set): 6U / 7R / 4SR / 4CSR
  • MSRP: $30 USD (per box)
  • Foil 1 in 8 packs, CSR 1 in 25 boxes

  • Cards

    Collector Super Rares (CSR)

    Super Rares (SR)

    Rares (R)

    Uncommon (U)


    The first time SP1 will be available is on July 1st, at our booth at Anime Expo 2023! Supply will be limited, and purchase limits will be placed. No pre-orders will be available for this product.

    Afterwards, this product will be available for purchase from trade shows that GA attends, as well as official GA events, such as Ascent.

    In addition, we will be working with select partners to bring SP1 to trade shows outside of North America.


    Q: Can I buy this product as a store for resale?
    A: Because this product will be sold directly to consumers, it is not a suitable product for stores to sell. We want to keep a healthy relationship with our stores. If stores were to also sell SP1, they would be directly competing in sales against a party that sold them that product in the first place. .

    Although there will not be a plan to distribute to stores for resale, there is no policy against stores acquiring the product through other means and selling it.

    Q: Will this product be reprinted?
    A: Once production of this product is complete, it will not be reprinted.