With Dawn of Ashes First Edition fulfillment around the corner, we wanted to highlight the aspects and differences between First Edition (Kickstarter) and Alter Edition (LGS Distribution) for eager players and collectors. The core Dawn of Ashes set, which contains 275 functional cards, will remain the same between First Edition and Alter Edition. You can find the full set on the Index. You can distinguish First Edition from Alter Edition by the set code in the left card footer. First Edition will be denoted by "DOA 1st" while Alter Edition will be denoted by "DOA Alter". The main four differences you will find when opening up First Edition versus Alter Edition will be:

  • Collector Rares
  • Alternate Art Versions
  • New Functional Cards
  • Art Treatment Changes

  • First Edition CRs

    In First Edition, Collector Ultra Rares (CURs) of the 12 mainline champion cards are the ultimate chase for collectors. Each CUR has a holofoil full art frame, texture treatment, and spot UV print, with a unique gold foil stamped signature and serial number, meaning that no two CURs are the same. Each card is serialized from 1 to 70, and pull rates are approximately 1 in 15 boxes of 1st Edition.

    Lorraine, Wandering Warrior
    Rai, Spellcrafter
    Silvie, Wilds Whisperer
    Zander, Prepared Scout
    Lorraine, Blademaster
    Rai, Archmage
    Silvie, With the Pack
    Zander, Always Watching
    Lorraine, Spirit Ruler
    Rai, Mana Weaver
    Silvie, Earth's Tune
    Zander, Corhazi's Chosen

    Alter Edition CRs

    In Alter Edition, Collector Ultra Rares will be replaced with Collector Super Rares (CSRs) of the four lineage break champions in the booster box and the starter deck exclusive champion cards in the starter decks. CSRs will have the same treatment and finish as CURs but will not have unique signatures or serial numbers. Pull rates will be approximately 1 in 30 boxes and 1 in 72 starter decks for Alter Edition.

    Allen, Beast Beckoner
    Merlin, Memory Thief
    Mordred, Flawless Blade
    Tristan, Grim Stalker
    Lorraine, Crux Knight
    Rai, Storm Seer
    Silvie, Loved by All

    Art Changes from First to Alter Edition

    In addition, 18 cards will be getting alternate art treatments in Alter Edition. These cards will have the alternate art version in both the booster box and starter deck. This does mean that the First Edition art version will be exclusive to Dawn of Ashes First Edition. Here are the alternate arts in Alter Edition.

    Grand Crusader's Ring
    Tome of Sacred Lightning
    Majestic Spirit's Crest
    Luxera's Map
    Gaia's Blessing
    Immolation Trap
    Focused Flames
    Blue Slime
    Second Wind
    Gaia's Songbird
    Meadowbloom Dryad
    Juggle Knives
    Flame-Rune Swordsman
    Flamelash Subduer
    Ignite the Soul
    Blackmarket Broker
    Wilderness Harpist
    Wind Cutter

    Functionally New Cards to Alter Edition

    Next, Alter Edition will introduce five new functional cards to help with deck-building synergies and strategies, as well as smooth out our production efficiency.

    Bestial Frenzy
    Spark Fairy
    Frostsworn Paladin
    Nullifying Lantern
    Young Beastbonder

    Other Changes

    Finally, to preserve their unique treatment in First Edition, Triskit and the three Domain cards, Avalon, Varuck, and Camelot, will be reframed from extended art treatment to bordered treatment in Alter Edition.

    Triskit, Guidance Angel
    Varuck, Smoldering Spire
    Avalon, Cursed Isle
    Camelot, Impenetrable

    Lastly, the 12 mainline champion cards will not have a regular foil variant in Alter Edition. Instead, the four lineage break champions will have a regular foil variant, which was not available in First Edition.

    Regardless of which edition of Dawn of Ashes you open, there's sure to be excitement with each pack!