This article has been updated on March 2nd, 2023.

Alongside the launch of Dawn of Ashes Alter Edition, we will be providing Event Packs to stores based on their Alter Edition order size. There are two types of event packs:
Dawn of Ashes Event Packs

What are Event Packs?

Event packs will contain one card from the Dawn of Ashes Alter Edition set. The silver pack has a 75% chance to contain a Rare non-foil card and a 25% chance to contain a foil card of any rarity. The gold pack has a 50% chance to contain a Super Rare non-foil card and a 50% chance to contain a foil card of any rarity. Compared to Grand Archive booster packs, the foil rates in these event packs are much higher, making them desirable prizes for both players and collectors alike.

In addition, the event packs have a small chance to contain CSR (Collector Super Rare) cards that are exclusive to these event packs.
CSRs Exclusive to Dawn of Ashes Event Packs
About 180 of each CSR will be seeded into all of the event packs produced. Gold event packs have 3x the chance to contain a CSR compared to silver packs. These event packs are not intended to completely replace store prizing but to supplement it.

Event Pack Kits

These packs will come in a little kit that each contains 48 silver packs and 16 gold packs. Each kit has enough packs to support 4 events of 8 players each.

Although the event organizers may freely choose how to distribute the event packs in an event, we recommend in an 8-player event:

  • 8th to 5th: 1 Silver Pack
  • 4th to 3rd: 2 Silver Packs
  • 2nd: 2 Silver Packs, 1 Gold Pack
  • 1st: 2 Silver Packs, 3 Gold Packs

  • How Stores Get Event Pack Kits

    These kits will be distributed through our distributors. Only brick-and-mortar game stores are eligible to receive these kits. Store owners should ask their distributor on how to qualify for these Event Kits. Distributors will likely require store owners to fill out a form, in order to verify brick-and-mortar stores.

    For every 10 Dawn of Ashes Alter Edition booster boxes or Starter Deck Displays (9 starter decks) ordered by an approved store, they will receive 1 Event Pack kit. This applies retroactively to all Alter Edition products that stores may have preordered thus far, and will last until the next set releases, where we plan to have a new wave of Event Packs.

    For example, if a store orders 6 booster boxes (1 case) and 4 starter deck displays (1 case), they will receive 1 Event Pack kit.

    As another example, if a store orders 72 booster boxes (12 cases) and 12 starter deck displays (3 cases), they will receive 8 Event Pack kits. This amount of kits is enough to support 16 events with 16 players at each event.

    Each distributor will have a limited amount of Event Pack kits, and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.

    Region Specific Promotional Cards

    In addition to the Event Packs, some regions will have region-exclusive promotional cards included with their Event Pack kits. We realize that as a company based in the United States, a lot of our focus will be domestic. For example, all of our conventions and trade shows we've been to have all been in the United States, and the first-ever Ascent event will take place in Houston, Texas. To show our gratitude for other regions, we'll be slowly rolling out these region-exclusive promotional cards starting with Taiwan and Australia.
    Taiwan and Australia Region Exclusive Promotional Cards
    The name of this promotional set is "I’ve been recruited as a champion to save the world but suddenly got transported to modern Earth!". It's a set that features the champions of the Grand Archive visiting key landmarks on modern Earth. The first two cards of the set feature Silvie at Taipei 101 and the Sydney Opera House!

    Besides being included with the region's Event Pack kit, these cards will also be used for other promotional purposes in their intended regions.

    Rules for Stores Regarding Event Packs

    Stores are not allowed to sell or open Event Packs until 1 year after the ending of the distribution period of that specific Event Pack. In addition, stores are not allowed to sell Event Pack exclusive cards as singles during that same period. This includes CSRs found in these Event Packs.

    Event Packs are to be used exclusively for Grand Archive events. Using them for other promotional purposes is prohibited. This includes using them as a part of an bundle sale (e.g. "Buy one booster box, get an Event Pack").

    An event where event packs will be distributed must be open to anyone that wants to participate, and must have at least four players. The event must be sufficiently advertised through the store's normal means of promotion (e.g. event schedule billboard in store, social media posts, website calender, etc.).

    Stores breaking these policies may be blacklisted from receiving additional event support in the future.

    If you know a store that is improperly handling the Event Packs, please report them at

    Other Uses for Event Packs

    We will be reserving a portion of the Event Packs created to support online webcam events either run by our community Discord server or other online communities. As long as there is demand for online play, we will do our best to support it.

    We look forward to supporting many more Grand Archive events in the future, both in person and online!